Agfa Isoly-Mat

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Agfa Isoly-Mat
Agfa Isoly-Mat


The Mat in the name refers to the automatic exposure control of the shutter. In automatic mode the diaphram opening is determined by the lightmeter. An indicator in the viewfinder shows if enough light is available (green) or not enough (red). In low light situations the shutter release is blocked (only in Auto mode).

Production period : from 1962 onwards.
Lens : Agfa Color-Agnar 1:5.6 55mm.
Shutter : Leaf shutter with an automatic diaphragm control.
Light measurement : Selenium cell underneath the lens.
Exposure control :
In Auto mode speed 1/70 sec. Automatic diaphragm 5.6 to 22.
In Flash mode speed 1/30 sec. Manual diaphragm 5.6 to 22.
In B mode diaphragm fully open (5.6)
Film sensivity setting : 11 to 25 DIN, 10 to 250 ASA.
Double exposure prevention : Yes.
Flash synchronisation : Hotshoe on top, left. X-synchronisation.

Introduced in 1962

Similar to Isoly IIa but built-in automatic Selenium cell lightmeter below the lens front

Green signs indicates in finder indicates the correct exposure

Color-Agnar 60mm f/3.5 lens in single-speed shutter

Francesco Pusceddu Old Camera Collection

Agfa Isoly-Mat
Agfa Isoly-Mat